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Autumn looks inspired by the nuances of the earth: how to combine colors

autumn look

The pop and trendy colors of this autumn 2021 coexist with the classic nuances of all time, such as “khaki” and brown.

Although in this autumn / winter 2021 the designers have cleared the idea of ​​a monochromatic and basically dark wardrobe, there are some evergreen colors in perfect harmony with the metamorphosis of nature: colors that when worn also make us feel in perfect harmony with the environment, because they are the nuances inspired by the earth, which give us a somewhat military and a little chic look. Green is not lacking, to be worn in all its shades, and to which we can combine two undisputed colors of the autumn season: khaki and brown , which have already won the approval of stars and influencers. Here’s how we can mix them together.

Autumn 2021 colors, khaki and brown: a star-proof mix of shades

Persimmon or khaki, has very variable shades, oscillating between dark beige, mud and bottle green: the word has Persian origins and in fact means its own land , which we know well how much based on sunlight and in nature it has different shades to also depending on the morphology of an environment.

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– The freedom to be able to dare, focus and mix on these basic shades of autumn comes as a suggestion and statement from various stars and influencers. Just in these days for the presentation of the film Eternals of which she is one of the protagonists, Angelina Jolie showed up in a beautiful Balmain flounced dress in khaki, a chic and superheroine look to stay in the theme of the film. But it is not the first time that the actress has focused on this nuance on the occasion of premiere events: even two weeks ago for the Variety Power of Women Awards evening, Angelina chose a pleated dress that is always caci but with a lighter shade.

– And she is not alone: Jennifer Lopez has always had a soft spot for khaki, choosing it both for sporty chic looks and elegant occasions, and as a veteran and lover of this color that highlights its warm colors, we can immediately steal a match, mixing a khaki jacket with dark military green boots, and shiny brown pants , like a true army girl chic . Super fashion accessory also the glasses with orange lenses, for a contrast that is more autumnal!

Khaki and brown must-have: influencer-proof essentials

The great merit of these two colors is that they can be considered basic and versatile just like black and white, and that’s why in a self-respecting autumn wardrobe we need outfits and accessories in khaki and brown, to also mix with black. and military green, which can be worn every day : let’s start with the khaki blazer , for which Chiara Ferragni chooses a total look, but which can also be combined in a lighter khaki nuance, just to play with color harmony.

– In response, also the jacket in a brown that almost veers towards mahogany , is a must have that Chiara’s sister, Valentina Ferragni , shows us how to wear in contrast with the pink, proposing an original and very glamorous suit combination . Khaki or brown outerwear are undoubtedly key garments, so why not also focus on a trench coat .

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