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Autumn / winter 2020 nails: discover all the trends

Gel nails reconstruction

The nails for fall / winter 2020 are full of color and beauty. Find out how to achieve a fashionable effect.

With the end of summer and the arrival of the colder season , even the nails change their appearance and do so by dyeing colors in line with autumn and rich in shades. The new autumn / winter 2020 nail trends are in fact rich in the colors of nature which are also mixed with brighter shades. All for a wide choice of styles from which to choose the one in which you find yourself most.

Nail colors fall / winter 2020

Among the colors that will be the most popular, especially in the phase linked to autumn, there are the ocher and caramel colors. More lively versions of the classic autumn colors but perfect to marry fully with the shades most used this season. Obviously there will be colors such as leaf green or warm brown, perfect for staying on the classic without giving up a touch of style.

colored glazes
colored glazes

With the arrival of winter, the shades will become darker passing through bronze and chocolate until they reach decidedly darker tones.
Obviously, even those who love red can rest assured. In fact, all shades are foreseen both in autumn and winter. To show off both day and night in order to constantly change your look without ever putting aside the most loved color ever.

All colors can be applied on all nails or on a part, realizzanzo, for example, a French manicure in reverse. Moreover, the possibility of coloring the nails with different shades or shades will still be in fashion as long as they go well with each other.

Nail gel autumn / winter 2020

Those who love gel nails can explore the various trends, focusing on those they love the most or daring with color games to be applied on the nails by mixing the various shades together.

Among the evergreen effects there is that of the striped nail art , perfect for mixing different colors, always remaining in the range of autumn or winter ones and having fun changing from time to time, based on the look and, of course, on personal taste .

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