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Avitaminosis: what it is, what are the symptoms and the remedies to know


Avitaminosis is a pathological condition due to the deficiency of several vitamins. Let’s find out how to recognize it and how to cure it.

Avitaminosis is the almost total absence of several vitamins essential to the body in order to function properly. It is therefore an important problem that should never be underestimated. Unlike hypoavitaminosis, which concerns only a poor supplementation of vitamins, avitaminosis represents a deficiency, which obviously must be integrated as soon as possible.


This is a problem usually present more in developing countries than in the West but which can still affect anyone who does not follow a diet capable of providing the body with the right amount of vitamins. Among the main causes are in fact poor nutrition, a repetitive diet, alcoholism and smoking .

Avitaminosis: the symptoms

Suffering from avitaminosis brings with it a whole series of symptoms to which it is important to pay attention. These symptoms obviously vary based on the type of vitamin you are deficient in. So let’s see which are the main ones, related to the most important known vitamins.

– Vitamin A: visual disturbances.
– B vitamins: fatigue , edema, digestive disorders, heart problems, neurological disorders, skin problems, anemia, conjunctivitis, peeling of the skin and spina bifida in the unborn child (if you are pregnant).
– Vitamin C: scurvy
– Vitamin D: rickets, hypocalcemia and secondary hyperparathyroidism
– Vitamin E: haemolytic anemia
– Vitamin K: bleeding and clotting problems
Vitamin PP : pellagra

Remedies for avitaminosis

The only way to remedy a full-blown state of avitaminosis (which we remember to be particularly serious and which can usually be verified by a thorough blood test) is to integrate all the vitamins in the diet.

When the situation is at risk, however, the doctor may decide, at least initially, to administer vitamin supplements. These will be associated with a diet that is preferable to have drawn up by a nutritionist. This way it will include all the missing vitamins in the right amount.

Only in this way will it be possible to find an effective remedy that gives the body the energy it needs to function at its best and to recover from any pathologies that have arisen due to avitaminosis. Pathologies that, obviously, must be kept under medical supervision, following all the directives.

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