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Avocado face masks: the 3 best DIY recipes

Avocado mask

Avocado face masks are excellent for dry skin: let’s see which are the best recipes!

In case of dry and irritated skin, there is nothing better than a DIY face mask , to pamper and nourish it in depth. Among the best natural ingredients to use is avocado , which has nourishing and antioxidant properties. Let’s see some simple and effective recipes: the best avocado face masks.

DIY avocado face masks

Avocado and honey face mask. Avocado, as we have anticipated, has nourishing and antioxidant properties. Honey , in addition to being nourishing, is also a powerful antibacterial, antibiotic and natural anti-inflammatory, excellent in case of irritated skin, with dermatitis or acne. To prepare the mask, mash the pulp of an avocado and blend it with a spoonful of organic honey . Apply the cream obtained on the clean and dry face, keep it on for half an hour and then rinse with warm water.

Avocado mask
Avocado mask

Avocado and yogurt mask. Yogurt is excellent for both dry and combination skin, as it is nourishing, but also purifying. Together with avocado, it helps regulate sebum production and rebalance the skin. To prepare the mask, blend two tablespoons of unsweetened white yogurt , the pulp of an avocado and a spoonful of olive oil. Apply the cream on your face and leave it on for half an hour to an hour, before rinsing thoroughly with warm water.

Avocado and lemon masks. For dull, gray and impure skin, lemon is a real cure-all. Used pure, however, it can cause dryness and redness. Better, therefore, to combine it with nutritious ingredients, such as avocado. Mash the pulp of the fruit with a fork, add the juice of a lemon and mix well, until obtaining a compact cream. Apply the mask on your face and leave it on for no more than half an hour.

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