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Avocado: properties and recipes

Avocado: properties and recipes

Let’s find out how to eat avocado and its properties. Did you know this fruit is rich in beneficial properties and has a creamy taste?

Avocado is the fleshy fruit of a plant typical of Central America, Mexico and the Andes region. Its shape reminds of eggplants, but its peel is dark green and quite rough. Avocado pulp is yellowish with a hint of green and it has just one seed, big and round.

This fruit was born more than 5.000 years ago, but it has become popular only recently, thanks to its many beneficial and nutritional properties. It can slow aging down and fight cholesterol sediments, thus improving the heart health. Moreover, it is essential to prevent the Alzheimer’s disease and to enhance depression recovery, other than having anti-inflammatory properties.

Moreover, avocado is perfect for hair and skin treatments. Find out more!

Avocado properties

Avocado: properties and recipes
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-This fruit is very caloric and energetic, full of good fat, magnesium and potassium. These two mineral salt are essential for our body and prevent developing hypertension. Thanks to its properties and its high content of vitamins and mineral salts, avocados promote the well-being of different organs, slow aging down and nourish the skin.

-In pregnancy, avocado is perfect, as its content of folic acid promotes the fetus growth. The advice is to eat at least half an avocado per day, in order to meet the daily need of folic acid.

-This fruit is a powerful antioxidant which slows cellular aging down, helping the skin to stay soft and smooth, thanks to its content of vitamin A and E. Avocado oil, with its content of this two powerful antioxidants, helps the skin to stay elastic and young.

-Thanks to its linoleic acid and omega 3 content, the so called “good” fats, avocado stimulates the production of good cholesterol (HDL) and fights the bad one (LDL), thus decreasing blood cholesterol levels.

-This fruits helps preventing the Alzheimer’s disease. This is the idea of dr Dysken, who published its study on the Journal of American Medical Association. Its content of vitamin E is fundamental to fight this degenerative disease.

-Many studies have stated that the amount of potassium avocado contains can reduce blood pressure, avoiding the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Avocado: properties and recipes
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Avocado: calories and nutritional values

One avocado contains:

-Calories 160

-Fat 15g

-Cholesterol 0mg

-Sodium 7mg

-Carbohydrates 9g

-Dietary fiber 7g

-Sugar 0,7g

-Proteins 2g

-Vitamin A 146 IU

-Vitamin C 10mg

-Calcium 12mg

-Potassium 485mg

-Magnesium 29mg

You should eat maximum 2 avocados per week: you can eat in salads, sandwiches or plain. There are hundreds of recipes, even for the most hard to please.

Avocado recipes: how do you eat it?

There are thousand of recipes with avocado, you just need to learn how to intensify its original flavor. Let’s find out more!

-Avocado toast

Start your day with by eating this fruit two or three times a week for breakfast. Choose a ripe avocado, smash it and spread it on a toasted slice of bread. It is perfect if you love strong flavors and you need energy to start your day.

If you don’t have time to eat it at home, wrap it up and bring it with you: it is perfect for lunch or dinner! Eat it with cheese spread, an egg or salmon. It is good cold or heated up.

-Avocado salad

Especially in summer, this fruit is perfect for salads: it’s fresh and tasty!

Avocado: properties and recipes
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For a tropical and original flavor, make some couscous, then add diced avocado, tomatos, olives, arugula and valerian. Instead of couscous, you can use quinoa, spelt or barley or the cereals you prefer.

As a second course you can make a salad: add your diced avocado to a bowl of lettuce, valerian, tomatoes and, if you like them, hard-boiled eggs, grilled chicken or tuna.

-Avocado cream

Another popular recipe is avocado cream, a sort of guacamole you can eat with toasted bread and canapés. Enhance its flavor with some lemon juice and sesame seeds!

How to choose the right avocado: its varieties

A sub-tropical climate is necessary to grow avocados. There are many varieties of this fruit. Mexico produces almost 1.000.000 tons of avocados every year. The Israeli variety is considered the best one, as it has a very creamy flash and rough peel.

The bacòn from California, instead, has a fine and shiny green peel. The Colombian one, called carmero, is born in the El Carmen de Bolivar region. It has a dark green, smooth skin. It easily separates from the pulp, which is creamy and without fibers.

Criollo and Fuerte are two varieties coming from Mexico and Central America, while Guatemala grows the Edranol, which has fine, rough dark green skin when it ripes.

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