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Baby boomer nail art: find out how to create the effect of the moment

baby boomer nails

Baby boomer nail art is one of the hottest trends in nail beauty. Find out how it is done and who is doing well.

When it comes to manicure it is impossible not to take into account the shape and color of the nails. The options are many and varied and every year it is possible to discover new ones. Among the most popular of recent times is the baby boomer nail art, which is an original way of revisiting the most classic French manicure, making it in a nuanced key. It is therefore a play of light and shadow (and of course of colors) that makes the nails sophisticated without excess. And all with such simplicity.

Baby boomer nail art: how to do it at home

To realize the ‘gradient effect of baby boomers nail art is necessary to have a white glaze and a pinkish or nude color.

After protecting the cuticles with a suitable product, both colors will be traced on a sponge that will then be dabbed on the nails. In this way you will get a shaded effect and without demarcations between the two colors, which in the French manicue are usually well separated from each other.

baby boomer nails
baby boomer nails

When the enamel has dried, just pass a shiny one to give the final touch. Obviously, those who love to dare can also experiment with other colors or applying glitter after the polish. The beauty of this technique consists in fact in the possibility of wandering with the imagination and of trying always different effects.

Who is the baby boomer nail art good for?

This color, a bit like sage nails, is particularly suitable for those who love simple style but at the same time want something that is able to get noticed. Perfect for summer days, it is ideal for brides or for those who want to make themselves beautiful by showing off an elegant and sophisticated simplicity.

Suitable for any context or situation, it looks good on both short and long nails. It all comes down to opting for an effect that suits your way of being.

If you do not love DIY, you can resort to the help of the beautician who can make the final result even more incisive, using more shades of color or opting for a gloss effect to be admired.

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