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Bach flower remedies are natural methods to fight a cold or a flu. Let’s see which ones to use!

In winter, it is very difficult not to catch a flu or a cold. Luckily, unless we have an infection we need to cure with antibiotics, we can fight flu symptoms with natural methods. Among these, there are Bach flower remedies, created by the British doctor Edward Bach.

According to this natural medicine, in order to heal you should cure your emotions, which would cause physic symptoms. The different flowers are able to turn the negative feeling into a positive one, healing discomforts.

Let’s see together how to cure your cold by using Bach flower remedies!

How to cure your cold with Bach flower remedies

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The most used Bach flower remedy to cure colds is Crab Apple, which is the cleanliness and inner order flower. It purifies the body and eliminates viruses and toxins. In case of colds, it fluidifies mucus. You can use it together with Wild Rose, rich in vitamin C. This flower is particularly helpful when your feeling very tired.

In order to prevent the flu and reduce mucus, you should take Walnut. It protects from negative influences, both viruses and human. If your cold is not due to viruses but just to low temperatures, it is better to use the Star of Bethlem. This flower helps you regain your strength, overcome traumas and fight colds. When your body is especially tired, Olive is very helpful to prevent bacterial and virus attacks.

If you want to fight a cold, you should take 4 drops of Bach flower remedies 4 times a day, in the morning on an empty stomach and at night, before going to sleep.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/photos/fiori-di-bach-rimedi-di-bach-1472825/

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