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Bad habits you didn’t know are harmful


Fatigue and physical discomfort can be caused by small daily gestures you are not aware of, habits that hurt and that we repeat unconsciously.

There are daily actions we perform without even realizing how harmful they are. Among these, there are wrong eating habits caused by haste and lack of time, skipping meals or distractions while you eat, which are not  good for your digestion. In addition, an excessive use or misuse of your smartphone, computer and television not only make you waste time, but also ruin your sleep.

Let’s see  the main habits that are bad for your body and mind.


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Harmful eating habits

– Skipping breakfast. People who think that not eating breakfast can help to lose weight are wrong. There is nothing wrong than skipping the most important meal of the day. A healthy and balanced breakfast not only helps to have the right amount of energy, but also helps not to eat snacks between meals.

– Eating fruits before going to sleep. Though it is true that eating fruit is good, it is important to consume it in the right moments of the day. Before going to sleep, if you are hungry, fruit is not recommended because it is full of sugar: it is better to drink a digestive or draining herbal tea.

– Grandmothers always said, “Do not watch television while you eat”. In general you should not be distracted during meals, for exaple by using your smarphone or reading the newspaper. When you eat, you have to chew slowly in order to ensure an optimal digestion.

How technology can hurt

– Putting your computer on your legs. When you keep your device on your legs for a long time, the heat will have effects on your blood circulation.

– Using electronic devices before going to sleep. Among these, there are the mobile phone, the computer and the television. The reason why you should stop using your devices about a 30 minutes before going to sleep is to avoid excessive brain stress, insomnia or nightmares. Follow this advice and you will be able to start the day in a better way.

– Do not bend your neck forward when you text or type. A poor posture can lead to serious spinal problems and constant pain, stiff neck or muscle tension. In order to avoid these disorders, try and keep a neutral position with your neck and chin facing forward.

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