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Bagged salad: what are the risks?

Bagged salad: what are the risks?

Is bagged salad really ready-to-eat, or do you need to wash it? Let’s see what health risks it hides.

When we do not have time or we do not want to cook, salads in bags are a life-safer. Just put it in a bowl, add a few pieces of cheese or tuna, salt and olive oil: dinner is ready!

But is it really washed before its packaging? Are there any risks if we eat it without washing it again? According to some recent studies, it seems that this salad is not that safe. Let’s see why.

Are salad in bags harmful?insalata in busta


The University of Turin published a study in the weekly magazine “Il Salvagente”, where it denounced high levels of bacteria and other micro-organisms in bagged salads. The study analyzed 100 bags. It also found out that the product starts to spoil well before the expiration date printed on the packaging.

This is because there are no preservatives in bagged salads and only low temperatures guarantee their freshness. From the packaging to the sale in supermarkets, this product should always be kept at a constant temperature, below 8°. This is not always possible, since refrigerator aisles do not have a uniform temperature, such as domestic fridges.

Although company wash bagged salad twice before the packaging process, simple water is not able to kill all the bacteria. There is always a little amount of bacteria which can multiply when the temperature rises, triggering a fermentation process that inflates the bags. If you see a swollen bag of salad, do not buy it, even if it seems fresh.

Bagged salad and toxoplasmosis

Not every bacteria and micro-organism in bagged salads is dangerous. However, there may be a very harmful parasite, especially for pregnant women: Toxoplasma gondii, responsible for toxoplasmosis.

It is better to always wash your salad thoroughly, adding a little bit of baking soda or disinfectant to the water.


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