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Bagna cauda vegan: the very tasty Piedmontese sauce, becomes vegan

Bagna cauda vegan

Let’s see how to transform a great Piedmontese classic into a vegan recipe: here is the recipe for vegan bagna cauda.

Among the easy vegan recipes, note that of the bagna cauda without anchovies and milk, suitable to accompany many dishes. Roasted or raw vegetables, potato pies, boiled vegetables, and why not, try it as a topping for the salad. It is so good that it will make every guest sitting at your table happy . We will also not give up serving it in the fojòt, an enameled terracotta terrine typical of this recipe, which keeps the sauce warm. Since there are few ingredients, it is absolutely essential that the oil be of excellent quality : we therefore choose a good extra virgin olive oil.

Originally this tasty sauce was based on garlic and anchovies, but the vegan sauce we are going to make will be much lighter and more digestible, without losing gluttony. In fact, for those who love round and voluptuous tastes , bagna cauda with vegetable cream is perfect for every palate. Then put on your apron and let’s proceed with the recipe for vegan bagna cauda!

Bagna cauda vegan
Bagna cauda vegan

Preparation of the vegan bagna cauda recipe

  1. Peel and wash the garlic cloves. Then boil them in water , until they are soft.
  2. In the meantime, wash the cooked chickpeas and blend them with a pinch of salt and extra virgin olive oil. The result must be a sauce that is not too thick . If this happens, correct with a little water, lengthening the sauce.
  3. Squeeze all the boiled wedges with a mash-machine, putting the puree obtained in the chickpeas.
  4. Now transfer the sauce to the fojòt , and turn it on. As soon as it warms up, you can dip your vegetables. If the sauce, due to the chickpeas, becomes too thick when heated, you can correct your sauce by adding a little olive oil.

For those who do not digest one of the main ingredients of this hot sauce, let’s see how to make vegan bagna cauda without garlic. For a smoother and more delicate taste, you can add 50 g of vegetable cream and fresh chives instead of garlic. And you will have a perfect sauce for seasoning boiled potatoes, peppers, fennel and anything else you want.


In the unlikely event that the vegan Piedmontese bagna cauda is left over, it can be kept in the fridge , in a clean and well sealed jar for up to 3 days.

If, on the other hand, you want to follow the traditional preparation, here is the recipe for the classic bagna cauda .

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