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Bagnet ross: the bold Piedmontese sauce with tomatoes and chilli

Bagnet ross

For quick and easy recipes, there’s the Bagnet ross. This typical Piedmont recipe is a red sauce made with tomatoes and chilli.

Are you looking for a preparation with a bold flavor to accompany your creations in the kitchen? What better product can be useful to you than the historic Piedmontese sauce, known as Bagnet ross (or Piedmontese red bath). It is a quick and very tasty recipe that, with its spicy aftertaste , manages to make any dish interesting. Among the main ingredients are tomatoes and chilli. With the addition of onion, carrots, oil and little else, in Piedmont the sauce is mainly used to accompany boiled meat.

Buckle up your apron and get ready to enter the world of spicy!

Bagnet ross
Bagnet ross

Preparation of the recipe for the Bagnet ross

  1. Wash the vegetables carefully . Peel the carrot and chop it. Do the same with the onion and tomatoes.
  2. Also peel the garlic and chop it.
  3. Take a thick-bottomed saucepan and fill with a certain amount of oil.
  4. Pour the chopped ingredients into it.
  5. Chop the chilli and garlic with a knife. Add them to the rest, gradually adding the wine vinegar.
  6. Ultimate with sugar.
  7. Put the pot on the stove and cook over low heat for about 40 minutes , stirring occasionally.
  8. Slightly smooth the boiled Bagnet with an immersion blender or a vegetable mill, leaving a few whole pieces.
  9. Add salt and let it cool.


The original Piedmontese Bagnet ross recipe is really fast. Traditionally it is used to accompany boiled meat, but you can accompany it with any meat-based preparation. You can keep this product in glass jars with closure for 2-3 days , remembering to always cover the surface of the mixture with a little olive oil.

Alternatively, follow the homemade salsa rubra recipe.

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