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Baguette Fendi: story of a vintage bag that has been loved since 1997

Baguette bag

It-bag with a vintage flavor, but loved from generation to generation: everyone wants the Fendi baguette, which tastes like.

On social media, everyone has more or less welcomed the month of September with the best wishes, and the task of the fashion addicted is to draw up the long list of garments and accessories that will help us greet the summer and enter the routine with love and comfort . To this appeal, in the accessories list under the must-have bag item we will write Baguette Fendi.

Like any self respecting it-bag , this bag that combines practicality and elegance has entered the Olympus of the most loved and desired bags thanks to its history. A model born by chance, to make the revolution among the canons in vogue of 1997 and continue to upset its style even today.

Fendi baguette bag: when Silvia Venturini upset the prevailing minimalism of the 90s

In fashion as in life, a style, a garment or an accessory dictates a new trend when someone decides to look at its functionality or its aesthetics from a new perspective. So when the creative director Silvia Venturini was asked in 1997 to think of a minimal chic bag that would represent the maison and her way of interpreting the prevailing taste, she responded with a provocation.

As she herself told a long time later, her disobedience generated a model destined to always be different over time: a bag that in its many models , was playful and unique each time, to which the rules of minimalism were too strict. . In the wake of the spirit inaugurated by Venturini, to date models have been designed that contain that revolutionary act, always different every season, sometimes even beautiful just to look at, like the Baguette Fendi made only of pasta !

But let’s go back to the desire to start over in September, which goes well with the provocative and fun taste of this it-bag, to be worn from morning to evening without ever being out of place.

The it-bag most loved by stars and Carrie Bradshaw: the latest must-have models

Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Gwyneth Paltrow, no star who said trend said no to a Fendi Baguette, but to have been inextricably linked to this model is one of the protagonists of Sex and the City : for Carrie Bradshaw in fact this bag represents the key accessory of every look. And since we will soon see the revival of the series, there is one more reason why this it-bag is even more trendy.

Each season therefore offers a roundup of models, one more trendy than the other: from the classic with monograms to even more sophisticated and floral ones that look like real works of art. If you are looking for a disengaged Baguette, better bet on a classic white nappa leather, but if you are looking for something elegant and super feminine, among the latest models, the pink satin one with sequins is a real cocktail jewel.

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