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Baked chicken wings: the recipe for making them super crunchy

Baked chicken wings

How to make crispy baked chicken wings? The delicious and easy recipe for a mouth-watering second course of meat.

Baked chicken wings are a tasty main course, accompanied by sauces and vegetables. An idea could also be to serve them at an aperitif with friends, with a good beer to accompany them . The secret to making this delicate white meat truly flavorful is to create a crunchy breading with the right mix of spices and herbs. Lovers of spicy flavors can create a mix of smoked paprika and chili powder.

Not being fried , but only baked, chicken wings can also be present on occasions of parties and children’s birthdays, avoiding strong flavors such as garlic and chilli. For the version without breading, massage the wings with extra virgin olive oil and then simply sprinkle the aromatic mix of your choice.

Let’s see the recipe for this fast meat main course.

Baked chicken wings
Baked chicken wings

Preparation of chicken wings in the oven

  1. In a bowl, prepare the breading, mixing the herbs and spices chosen according to your tastes, or those of your guests. Combine the breadcrumbs with rosemary, thyme, garlic powder, paprika, chilli and salt to taste.
  2. In the meantime, turn the oven on at 200 ° C to heat it up.
  3. Take a baking sheet or the dripping pan supplied and line it with a sheet of parchment paper.
  4. Now put the chicken wings on a plate and brush them with extra virgin olive oil, taking care to cover all the meat . The oil serves to make the breading adhere perfectly.
  5. Introduce one flap at a time into the breading mixture, and cover them completely.
  6. Arrange the breaded wings in the pan, and if the oven has already reached the temperature, cook them for 30 minutes .
  7. To create an even more crunchy surface, place the oven in the “grill” mode for the last 5 minutes , to finish cooking with perfect browning.
  8. Serve hot or lukewarm, accompanied by sauces and vegetable dips.

If you want to taste the variant without breading, try brushing the chicken wings with oil and then sprinkle your aromatic mix on the meat. Cook them in the same way as the breaded wings.

This recipe is really exquisite, but if you want to be more daring with the taste (and the line) you can’t help but try the fried chicken wings !


Baked chicken wings can be kept in the fridge for 2 days , hermetically sealed in a clean container, or once cooked they can be frozen for no more than a month.

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