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Baking make up: find out how to make the makeup of the moment

woman with brush

The baking make up is a make-up designed to last a long time thanks to the layers it is made of and the use of powder. Here’s how to do it.

When it comes to make-up, there are many and constantly changing trends. One of the most famous of recent times is the baking make up, which is a technique that makes extensive use of powder and everything to ensure that the makeup lasts for a long time on the skin without weighing it down. It is a technique developed by the make up artist Mario Dedivanovic who has been using it for some time on kim kardashian. A technique that in a short time has met with considerable success and that can also be replicated at home, provided you use the right products.

Baking bad up: what it is

This particular technique takes its name from the need to rest the layers of products that are applied. And all to ensure that through the heat of the skin, the tricks are cooked and melt together.

woman make up
woman make up

In this way, while using different products, the final result will be that of only one and therefore not very heavy, even if able to cover even the smallest imperfections.
Obviously, to ensure that the make-up lasts over time and is not too heavy on the face, it is important not to be satisfied and choose quality products, to be applied in the right order.

Baking make up: how to do it

First it is important to prepare the skin with a good moisturizer. Very useful to prevent the many layers of makeup that will be applied to dry. Same thing goes for the eye area. In fact, more attention should be paid to it by choosing a very moisturizing product.

Use a primer to make the make-up last longer and proceed with the foundation avoiding only the eye contour . For this particular area, in fact, it will be necessary to first apply the corrector and shortly after the illuminant. The secret in this phase, but also in the others, is to abound.

Now it’s time for the powder. This must be applied and left to act for about 10 minutes . Period of time in which you can proceed with a good make-up for the eyes and lips.

Once finished, any powder residues must be removed. This can be done easily with the help of a brush that must be passed with extreme lightness. In this way the baking make up will be fixed and ready to be shown off.

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