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Balayage on hair: what it consists of and how to get the perfect shade


Balayage on hair: find out everything you need to know before doing it.

Hair balayage is a coloring technique that aims to lighten the hair in a seemingly natural way. The effect is in fact that of hair that starts from a root of a color (usually darker) and that gradually lightens up to the desired shade. A very pleasant gradient effect which, among the many peculiarities, has that of giving brightness to the face .

What is the balayage technique on the hair


The famous balayage effect that, unlike shatush , can also be obtained on shorter hair, requires that these are not separated into strands and then bleached.

Those who perform it, in fact, tend to work freehand . And it does this by calibrating the amount of bleach (and subsequently color) to be applied based on various factors. It therefore follows that the roots always remain the natural color (unless you use a toning which will disappear in a short time anyway) and that the effect will be particularly on the lengths .

The technique: color on the hair with balayage

One of the reasons why balayage is so requested and appreciated is the possibility of being able to obtain customized effects that can make the face brighter. Through the play of color and movement that can be obtained on the hair, the hairdresser can in fact apply the color in such a way as to create an almost contouring effect on the face. Of course, to make this happen you will need to review everything every time the hair grows. Nevertheless, the results are so beautiful that they are increasingly in demand .

Obviously, to obtain an effect that is uniform and in line with your complexion, you will have to choose colors that adapt to your skin tone. Colors that are at the same time able to respect the main shade of the hair. To this must be added the normal care for bleached hair. This usually requires shampoos and creams specifically designed to prolong the effect of the color and to keep the hair as hydrated and healthy as possible. In this way, even after some time, you will have hair as beautiful as the first day.

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