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Balenciaga aims to create a Metaverse orienting itself towards digital fashion

Digital fashion

After a few forays into the gaming world, Balenciaga works on the creation of a Metaverse and aims at a virtual fashion universe.

For some time now, fashion must have identified not only the opportunity but also the enhancement and potential that the digital side can offer to brands in commercial and marketing terms. So we look at the Metaverse , a real virtual reality in which to immerse oneself shared via the internet, which seems to be Balenciaga’s next goal. In terms of innovation and experimentation, the maison knows how to make people talk about themselves and amaze their audience. The brand is certainly not the first and it will not be the last to move in this direction, but at least its example will lead the way, consolidating the first approaches with the virtual that have already been there.

Balenciaga: from Fortnite to the birth of the Metaverse

It must be said that the idea of ​​developing a department engaged in the development of the digital reality of a brand stems from the first experiences that some maison by chance or fortunately had with the gaming world. You will remember, for example, the Gucci accessories, in particular the Gucci Virtual 25 sneakers that could only be purchased and worn on social media, and which had the intention of launching a virtual collection that could only be used from an app.

Balenciaga, which moves hand in hand with Gucci, after the creation of BVX, the company active in the Metaverse by the OTB fashion group, has thus decided to go all the way down a new path, which aims at the creation of its Metaverse and announcing it. was Cédric Charbit, CEO of Balenciaga.

The brand had already had lucky digital experiences: the online presentation of the fall / winter 2021-2022 collection in the form of an adventure video game entitled Afterworld: The Age of Tomorow , which generated a 41% search increase on Lyst, and creating some looks for the Fortnite video game, resulting in a 49% search increase on Lyst. A result that prompted the brand to think of a Balenciaga-branded Metaverse.

Metaverso Balenciaga: the creation of a unit dedicated only to digital business

Collaborations with the world of video games it is clear that for Balenciaga they will not end here: the video game market is estimated at tens of billions of euros and opens up significant potential for fashion, and in this wake the creation of a Metaverse could prove to be for many. brand an interesting communication channel to increase the notoriety of a brand.

“Balenciaga had already been present in the Metaverse for a year, particularly through its forays into gaming. Now it has introduced a separate unit dedicated to this business, ” confirmed a spokesperson for the brand. Given the innovative ideas of Demna Gvasalia , his idea of ​​presenting a collection through the creation of a video game, there is a strong curiosity about everything that the Balenciaga Metaverse can generate.

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