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Balenciaga’s new geography of black in summer 2022

Fashion Week show

A spring / summer with a fun spirit in total black: Balenciaga focuses on genderfluid oversized jackets and irreverent accessories.

Demna Gvasalia , creative director of Balenciaga, likes to have fun and entertain: we could almost think that the latest total black looks we saw wearing Kim Kardashian , first of all the look that made so much talk at the Met Gala 2021, could be a subtle preview of the spring / summer 2021 collection that we would see at Paris Fashion Week . Because the creative director likes to put on a show, always mixing fashion with new languages, contaminating it with pop culture: this time it was the Simpsons’ turn, protagonists of a short that showed the pieces of the show and its guests first in a cartoon version and then live.

A brilliant idea that certainly did not go unnoticed a fashion show that in total black from head to toe, made black and glam, highlighted even more by a simple context and composed only of the red carpet, the next statement of summer 2022.

Balenciaga, spring / summer 2022: total black volumes and accessories in the foreground

We cannot fail to start from the much talked about and destined to be again protagonists of next summer the most famous rubber sabot slippers in the world: the Crocs in the platform version reinforced by a branded metal plate that makes them with a punk appeal with studded wedges, combined to an extra-large total black suit worn by Elliot Page , are proof that in the summer of 2022 the accessory in our looks will deserve special consideration.

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But to completely overturn the summer dress code that generally fits the body becoming a second skin, on the contrary – evident the homage to the design that made Balenciaga famous since the dawn -, Gvasalia plays with volumes: imposing and voluminous tulle dresses that they become almost sculptures to wear, blazers and oversized jackets that do not know masculine or feminine. They are genderfluid, designed for everyone, overturning the diktat according to which in summer you have to discover yourself, thus also reworking a new version of the evening dress that can also be summarized in a jacket and wide trousers to wear with a pair of shoes as shiny as with a pair of sneakers.

Balenciaga’s inspo looks to steal for summer 2022

The absolute certainty that we can deduce from the Balenciaga spring / summer 2022 collection is that without any fear, especially for those who love dark shades, we will be able to focus on total black on glamorous occasions but also in pret a porter. Ripped jeans, pantapalazzo and flared trousers are included together with the return of low-waisted trousers to pants to be alternated next summer, strictly in black.

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In the surprise palette also blue , fuchsia and silver are awakened for clothes, the only colors that stand out in addition to black, and among us we will certainly have to update the shoe cabinet, which must have at least a pair of boots or ankle boots with stiletto heels, to be worn with ease and combined with day and evening outfits.

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