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Banana cream: the classic recipe for a fruit dessert

banana cream

The banana cream is a recipe of Indian origin to create a pastry cream with delicate notes and low in sugar.

Banana cream is a classic dessert recipe loved by people of all ages. It is an ideal proposal for when you are in the mood for something sweet but low in sugar. In addition to being incredibly delicious, this banana cream recipe is healthy and contains all the properties of this fruit. This healthy sweet of Indian origin is loved by children and is ideal for birthday parties. You can also prepare this recipe on special occasions such as anniversaries, family reunions, etc.

If you have friends who come to visit you for an impromptu evening, then go for this simple banana custard recipe, because it won’t take a lot of time and effort . To make it even more delicious if you want you can garnish the custard with chocolate flakes or whipped cream. This dessert is best enjoyed when cold. Let’s see together how to prepare the recipe.

banana cream
Banana cream

Preparation of the banana cream recipe

  1. Remove the peel from the bananas, cut them into slices and put them in a blender along with some milk.
  2. Blend the mixture until you get a homogeneous puree .
  3. Pour the remaining milk into a saucepan with the vanilla bean seeds.
  4. Put the milk and vanilla on the heat and heat until boiling.
  5. In a bowl, whisk the egg yolks together with the sugar until you have a light and foamy consistency, add the cornstarch and mix.
  6. Mileposts hot milk into the bowl flush.
  7. Then put the mixture back on the heat and add the banana puree last and continue to simmer until the cream is of the right density .
  8. Let the cream cool before serving, garnish to taste.

If you are looking for another dessert that is easy to prepare and suitable for a nutritious breakfast, we recommend the sweet toast recipe with peanut butter and bananas .


The banana cream can be kept in the fridge for 2/3 days in small bowls covered with plastic wrap. We do not recommend freezing.


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