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Banana diet: here’s how to lose weight easily!

Banana diet

The banana diet arrives which allows us to lose up to three kg of excess fat in just one week. How does it work?

There comes a new diet that is able to make us lose up to three kg of excess accumulated fat , in just one week. What is it about? The new banana diet, easy to follow, without too many sacrifices.

Spring has come and the costume test is getting closer. For this reason it is important to find well-being and fitness for the summer. Here’s how to do it with the new diet and what is the secret to losing weight quickly and without too much effort .

Banana diet: how does it work and what are the 7 basic rules?

This diet that allows us to lose weight quickly and easily is based on a fundamental rule and six other basic ones: eat a banana , or more than one, for breakfast, accompanied only by a glass of water. The diet in question was designed by the Japanese pharmacist Sumiko Watanabe , who managed to make her husband lose 16 kilos, without too many sacrifices.

Banana diet
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This diet is also called: The Morning Banana Diet and it is a simple diet to follow, which includes only 7 basic rules. These rules consist in having breakfast before 8.00 with a banana and a glass of water, without adding anything else.

Another banana is eaten in the afternoon snack , which must be made around 4 pm. Sweets and sugar-rich products are prohibited . Also, you don’t have to go to sleep after midnight to make your metabolism work better.

Finally, you should not drink drinks or alcohol and have dinner early , between 18.00 and 20.00. The last rule does not include too much exercise , just take a walk outdoors (or even walk indoors), but only if this does not create stress. The rest of the diet is rather free, within the limit of healthy foods.

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