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This new face powder can make you look fantastic and shiny! Its name is Banana Powder: beauty lovers, let’s find out everything about this news!

One of the products makeup artists use the most is called Banana Powder: it is a matte face powder with surprising effects. It is perfect to cover dark circles and blemishes. Moreover, it eliminates shine and is perfect for the baking technique.

The most followed stars, professional makeup artists and influencers have already used this product, and we need to add it to our beauty bag, too! Let’s find out together everything about this new beauty product!

Banana Powder: how to use it

Everyone is using this product at the moment. This powder eliminates the shine on your face, a trace of some foundations. Do not let its name fool you: this beauty product does not contain anything related to bananas. The only thing that reminds us of this exotic fruit is its yellow color!

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/alessandra_caixetacosmeticos/

This face powder has a very light yellow color, perfect to cover dark circles and to make your face shine. It’s different from other similar products because it has a matte effects but it also lights your skin up, covering your blemishes.

Why do we need this product? It is perfect to fix the make up, cover dark circles and blemishes, hide enlarged pores and eliminate the shiny effect from your face. Where to apply it? Use it around your eyes, on the T zone, on the sides of your mouth and on your chin. If your skin is oily, this product is amazing: dab it with a beauty sponge until absorbed completely. Also apply it after having finished your makeup. Try and have a perfect skin!

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/alessandra_caixetacosmeticos/

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