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Bangs are the new must-have hair trend for winter 2019!

Bangs are the new must-have hair trend for winter 2019!

Short, long, curtain or side-swept, it often goes out of fashion, but always returns. Bangs are the must-have hair trend of fall 2018 and winter 2019!

Bangs always return: they will be fall 2018 and winter 2019 hair trend. They do not look good on everyone, but there are many ways to wear them. Let’s find out together what style suits you the best!

Short, long, curtain or side-swept, there are plenty of ways to wear it. But this season trend will be all about wavy hair, with a short cut, for example with a long bob. Hair waves will be slightly messy, just like in the ’50s.

Bangs: short, long, curtain or side-swept: all the news of the cold season!

This hair styling is always fashionable, and this year marks its big return, as if we were in the ’50s. There are many hairstyles which can inspire us to be always trendy.

A lot of the most followed influencers and stars in the world have already fallen in love with this hairstyle. Moreover, many models wore it during the famous Fashion Week.

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Curtain bangs are straight, so they are perfect with a bob haircut. It is ideal for tapered faces, but choose an eyebrow-lenght. Side-swept ones, instead, are ideal to liven up your face. They are very refined and chic.

Long, messy bangs are fashionable now and great for oval-shaped faces. If you have curly hair, avoid straightening them, wearing them wavy is the new trend! You can also try very short bangs, but pay attention because not everyone can wear it!

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