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Baobab oil is your new beauty ally!

Baobab oil is your new beauty ally!

Baobab is a sacred and long-lived tree with grows in Africa. From its fruits comes a unique and rich in properties elixir: baobab oil.

This product is a great beauty ally for many people. It comes from baobab fruits, the sacred and long-lived tree which only grows in Africa. African peoples call it “tree of life” for its beneficial properties.

From its bark to its roots, every part of this marvelous tree can be used in different ways. However, not everyone can pick its fruits. In the African cultures, only the wisest and the initiates can climb on its branches to pick them. Baobab fruits have a white pulp which helps restoring the intestine bacterial flora. What is baobab oil needed for? Let’s find out together!

Pure baobab oil: the properties of this African elixir

This oil is rich in fat acids, vitamin C and E. Moreover, it is useful to strengthen the immune system and has antioxidant properties. How to use it? It offers many benefits, so you can use it in different ways.

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Baobab oil for hair

This product is amazing for our hair. It creates a sort of film, protecting it from pollution, winter cold and salt. You should use it in small quantities on your dry hair, but only if your scalp isn’t oily. In this case, just apply it on your ends.

Baobab oil for you face, against skin dryness

You can use this product on your face, but also on the rest of your body, because it helps fighting skin dryness. It has anti-inflammatory properties in case of acne, couperose, and sunburn. New stretch marks can be lessen with this product, which is useful also to eliminate skin fungi.

Baobab oil: where to buy it

This beauty product is not that expensive. You can find it on Amazon or in the herbalist’s shops.

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