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Bar method, what it is and how it works the training that firms the body

woman isometry

The Bar method is a particular training system that allows you to firm and tone muscles and body. Let’s find out how it works and what exercises it involves.

One of the most famous and popular workouts is the Bar method which focuses on toning all the muscles, thanks to particular exercises. This training, born in the late 1900s, draws its origins from classical and jazz dance, and in particular from exercises performed at the barre.

It is a complete system useful to get back in shape, as well as to keep the muscles toned and well defined . Many stars have revealed that they rely on the Bar method to keep their body weight stable, without losing muscle tone. So let’s find out how it works and what types of exercises it provides.

Bar method: origins and functioning

The Bar method owes its origins to Burr Leonard, a dance enthusiast, who decided to combine the barre exercises and the techniques of the Lotte Berk method. Her goal was to create a workout that would help women maintain a healthy weight and a toned and defined body.

woman isometry
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But to make this training practice even safer and more effective, Leonard made use of the help of expert physiotherapists . This made it possible to create exercises that affect all muscle groups and at the same time do not damage the joints. The Bar method is therefore a training suitable for all women, of any age, and which can also be practiced with disabilities.

All this is possible thanks to the series of stretching and isometric training techniques that are the basis of the Bar method and that we will deepen in a little more.

Bar method: the benefits

As we have anticipated, the Bar method is a training system that offers many benefits and that combines different techniques such as stretching and isometric training . This particularity makes it an interval training , that is a discipline that alternates high and low intensity exercises. This workout offers many benefits.

In fact, the muscular effort performed during stretching allows you to quickly burn calories and lose weight, reactivating the metabolism . To this we must add the pivotal technique, namely isometric training.

This involves intense concentration of the muscles, light and repeated movements and the maintenance of certain positions, which are able to activate all the muscles. It will thus be possible not only to have a flat stomach, but also to sculpt arms, abs and legs. Without considering that posture will also improve.

Bar method: examples of exercises

Let’s now see some examples of exercises included in the Bar method training, which can also be performed at home. Three the various types of exercises we can find the wall bridge or leg lifts. To do the bridge, stand near the wall and lie on your back, then place your feet against the wall.

Bend your knees over your hips and push your hands to the floor remembering to open your arms to the side. Raise your hips and move up, down and to the side and stay in position for two minutes. In this way you will mobilize the muscles of the back, arms and legs, with particular intensity on the thighs.

Another useful exercise to improve toning of the thighs and arms is the squat step. To perform this exercise, place yourself sideways to a chair and lean with one hand. Spread your legs out past your hips and open your feet outward.

Slowly spread your legs trying to bring your thighs parallel to the floor. Then push straightening the legs, raise one arm and bend the leg of the same side, placing the foot on the inner thigh of the other leg. Squat down again and spring 3-4 times.

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Finally, another typical exercise of the Bar method is the position on the lateral axis with rotation. Get into axis position and rotate your hips to the left side so that you are resting on your right forearm.

Keep your legs straight and together, put your left hand on your hip and start moving it up and down, accompanying the movement with your hips. Then lift your left hand and rotate your whole body towards the floor and stay in plank position for two minutes. Then repeat the exercise on the opposite side.

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