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A bar of soap in the bed: the secret to sleep well and eliminate leg cramps and pains

A bar of soap in the bed: the secret to sleep well and eliminate leg cramps and pains

How to eliminate nocturnal cramps and pains with… a bar of soap in the bed and how to use its anti-inflammatory properties

After standing all day long at work, perhaps while wearing high heels, you can’t wait to go to bed and lie down. Generally, when you are very tired, you feel muscle pains, tiredness and swelling. By putting a bar of soap in your bed, you will relieve most of these problems while sleeping. Of course, this is not a medical remedy, but it sure helps you feel better (and there’s no harm in trying!). However, if you suffer from serious leg problems, arthritis or muscle pain, always see a doctor.

This remedy is an effective way for sleeping better and waking up more relaxed. Let’s see what it is and what benefits it has!

A bar of soap under your bed sheets: its benefits

A bar of soap in the bed: the secret to sleep well and eliminate leg cramps and pains

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People suffering from nocturnal leg cramps very often wake up in the night because of stabbing pains. Usually, the cramp affects the calf area, where you can feel a strong shock with heat and tension. Generally, potassium, calcium, and vitamins deficiencies cause these pains. Therefore, you should check with your doctor your blood parameters.

Putting a bar of soap in your bed can be very useful, because you will absorb the essential oils it contains during the night. Choose products with anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties, such as lavender, tea tree oil or Marseille soap.

Alternatively, you can put soap flakes in a cotton handkerchief and add a few drops of essential oil. In this way, you will enhance its anti-inflammatory effect.

Soap against cramps: 4 grandma’s remedies

– One of the classic grandma’s remedies to prevent leg cramps and help you sleeping better is Marseille soap. This product has well-known therapeutic properties, including anti-inflammatory powers. Wrap a bar of this soap in a cotton handkerchief and place it at the foot of the bed. Your body and blanket heat will make it release potassium chloride ions, which your skin will slowly absorb.

Lavender soap is also amazing. Its essential oil has been used for centuries as a remedy against physical discomforts such as menstrual pains and cystitis. It is also very useful in case of insomnia, as it encourages sleep. Furthermore, it is also excellent for skincare and against headaches.

– Try also a bar of tea tree oil soap, a powerful antibacterial and a natural anti-inflammatory product. This remedy is also effective against poor blood circulation caused by fluid accumulation and bad diets.

– Finally, nettle or sage soaps are perfect to loosen tension and stress.

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