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Barbie turns 60, but she still is a beauty icon. Here’s the history of her look!

Barbie turns 60, but she still is a beauty icon. Here’s the history of her look!

On March, 9th 2019, Barbie turns 60, but she still is a beauty icon. Here everything you need to know about her!

The Barbie doll has always been considered a beauty and style icon. This year, on March, 9th, she will turn 60, but for her time does not pass: her face is wrinkleless!

She is the doll every child wants, other than being a stylish example. She also gave some beauty lessons, even for older girls, who often resort to plastic surgery to look like Barbie herself. Let’s learn together about her beauty style throughout the years!

Barbie will be 60 in 2019!

Barbie is the only toy that has always been all the rage in the years. Other than being loved by children and women, she also inspired many artists and designers.

In 1959, Ruth Handler created this doll to gave it to her daughter. Barbie has had more than 200 jobs: pizza maker, astronaut, doctor and much more. However, she remains a beauty icon: her curves, looks and makeup have been copied for years now.

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Her look is considered perfect. Her hair is platinum blonde, her eyes enhanced with a pastel color eyeshadow, and her makeup is natural. Instead, her eyelashes are thick and very long. What about her lipstick? Barbie pink, of course!

During the years her look has changed, becoming more and more modern. Her hair was dyed in all the stylish colors possible, while her hairstyle has not always been straight and perfect.

The first change happened in the 1970s, when the classic pin-up became the California girl. In the 1980s, instead, her hair was messy and she wore a technicolor makeup, as the fashion of the years required.

In the 1990s, Barbie had again a more sober look, and her beauty case colors turned pastel again. Since 2000s, her skin color changed, but she was always perfect. For 2019, the only thing we know for sure is that Barbie will still be made of plastic.

Happy birthday to the most beloved doll ever!

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