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Barley grass: the superfood that makes you lose weight

barley grass

Barley grass is one of the superfoods of the moment. Taking it helps you lose weight and control blood sugar levels.

Barley is a food that needs no introduction and that in recent years has carved out an increasingly large space among the admirers of healthy eating. However, there is a part of the barley plant that not everyone knows and that is a real superfood . It is the barley grass which, to be honest, is the leaf of the plant and which is rich in beneficial properties that make it a real panacea as well as a special ingredient for those who want to lose weight .

Barley grass: because it makes you lose weight

Barley grass, as already mentioned, is so rich in beneficial properties that it is considered in all respects a super food. Rich in vitamins, it boasts in particular the presence of A, C and K. Among other things, it contains polyphenols and flavonoids, proving to be a valid help against free radicals.

barley grass
barley grass

To make it even more special, however, are its slimming properties which can be summarized in a few points:

– Greater sense of satiety
– Good amount of soluble fiber
– Control of blood sugars

All effects that, put together, help purify and keep blood sugar and, consequently, insulin under control, helping to lose weight easily.

How to take barley grass

Barley grass, unlike barley , is not yet widespread in the West. For this reason it can only be found in some specialized shops. It is typically found in the form of supplements. However, the best way to take it seems to be in powder form .

In this case, just add a tablespoon to the morning orange juice, milk or more simply to water to fill up on all its properties, among which we also remember the anti-inflammatory ones.
The powder can also be added to yogurt or other foods. What matters is to eat it raw so as not to diminish its effects.

Warnings: This super food is not recommended in case of taking medicines or in the presence of particular pathologies. Before taking it, it is therefore advisable to ask your doctor for advice.

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