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Basil seed: the ideal choice for filling up on fiber

basil seeds

Basil seed is rich in properties and precious fibers. Find out why you should put it in your diet.

When it comes to seeds, in the kitchen, the result is almost always positive. They are in fact precious allies and able to offer various properties to the organism. The basil seed fits into this context, representing a versatile ingredient and at the same time a cure-all for anyone who chooses to include it in their diet.
Thanks to the presence of important vitamins and minerals, to which fiber is also added, basil seed is in fact a good way to integrate certain elements through the diet. In this way you can in fact make the full fiber and Omega 3.

Basil seed: its properties

woman with basil seeds
woman with basil seeds

Basil seeds are very similar to sesame seeds and, just like the latter, are to be considered extremely precious. In fact, 15 grams per day are enough to obtain 15% of the quantity of fiber considered necessary. As seeds they are also rich in Omega 3. There are also polyphenols and flavonoids, useful for fighting free radicals and keeping the body young.

Among other things, basil seeds also perform an important anti-inflammatory function and all thanks to alpha-linoleic acid. It is therefore a food that each of us (except for allergies or specific problems) should include in our everyday diet.

How to use basil seed

If it is now clear that basil seeds are friends of health , it is right to clarify how to eat them. Generally it is good to know that they can be added to milkshakes, so as to ensure the right daily quantity without too many problems. They can also be added to morning yogurt as is already done with chia seeds or for salads.

Finally, those who love to cook can insert them in baked goods . In this case they can be sprinkled on bread (as already happens with sesame seeds) or, once blended, replaced in part with the flour. Starting to use them is easier than you think, just a pinch of imagination and the desire to vary your diet by obtaining as many health benefits as possible.


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