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Basil tea, a drink to get rid of anxieties and excess toxins

Basil tea

Basil is a very common plant in traditional Italian cuisine. However, many people ignore its multiple beneficial effects: let’s find out.

We all know basil, an aromatic plant that appears in many typical recipes of the Italian tradition. However, although everyone is familiar with this plant, many people are unaware of its alternative uses , including that of basil tea.

Basil is a plant rich in nutrients and with countless properties . In eastern cultures, particularly in the Indian peninsula , it has been used in tea for centuries. Let’s find out what the properties of this herbaceous plant are and how to prepare an excellent basil tea.

Basil and its properties

Originally from India, basil is now very popular in Italian cuisine and in some Asian cuisines. However, its use is not limited to being only of a culinary nature. In fact, basil has numerous beneficial properties , often unknown to most people.

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In Indian medicine, basil is used to fight of ‘flu symptoms. Why? Because of its ability to clear the airways blocked by excess mucus . Furthermore, it is an excellent ally of the body when it comes to ridding the body of excess toxins . All of this leads basil to be excellent when it comes to fighting inflammation or preventing infections of the oral cavity.

In addition, a cup of basil tea greatly helps fight stress and anxiety . In fact, taking this aromatic plant will help the body to reduce the production of cortisol , the hormone responsible for stress, increasing that of endorphins , which can positively influence mood.

Basil tea, how to prepare it

Basil tea
Basil tea

In order to prepare excellent basil tea, we need to get the necessary ingredients : 4-5 basil leaves, obviously fresh, honey and a lemon.

To prepare this drink, heat some water until it reaches the boiling point. Once the water is boiling, pour it into a glass or cup and add the basil, which must have been previously washed . Leave the basil to infuse for five minutes. After that, filter what is obtained. To the filtered tea add a little lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey.

Let’s find out alternative properties and uses of basil .

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