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Beauty advent calendar: 5 must-have ideas

Beauty advent calendar: 5 must-have ideas


Waiting for Christmas can be even more interesting with beuaty advent calendars: here are 5 ideas you can buy for yourself or for your friends!

Christmas is coming and we can’t help but thinking about gifts, outfits, and all the things we need to do. Among these, you can not miss the famous advent calendar to make the atmosphere even more magical and the wait even more fun and exciting. When we were young, we used to find Christmas tree or snowmen shaped chocolates, but now things have slightly changed.

Obviously we can not give up on chocolate, but how nice would it be to unwrap every day a beauty product? That is the purpose of the beauty advent calendar: here are 5 of them to buy for yourself or for your friends!

5 beauty advent calendars 2018

-Douglas. One of the most purchased beauty advent calendars of the last few years. It contains face creams, body masks, bath foam, make-up and much more for your body care! In addition, its price is really super accessible: about 20 euros.

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-Sephora. More expensive than Douglas (40 euros), but it contains amazing surprises: body and facial treatments, make-up, accessories and many other products for your body care! Among the accessories you can find mirrors, nail files, DIY manicure products, purifying patches and other beauty objects.

-L’Occitane. A beauty mix which includes perfumes, body treatments, and oils to make the skin even more hydrated. It costs about 50 euros but it is definitely a good deal: at the end of the calendar, you can say you tried 24 product, on better than the other!

-Kiehl’s. One of the most famous beauty advent calendars: it costs about 70 euro, but this is the number 1 of the calendars. Inside, you can find make-up products and body treatments. This calendar proceeds will be given in charity to children suffering from serious diseases!

-Bareminerals. The beauty advent calendar launched by this brand costs about 70 euro and contains travel-size make-up products. Its name is “Out of this World”.

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