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Beauty ampoules, for an even more effective beauty routine

Beauty ampoules

The new aesthetic trend features beauty ampoules. From minimalist inc, they are more effective for an even more impactful beauty routine with few but specific ingredients!

Taking care of our skin on a daily basis, as well as our hair, is essential to always have a well-groomed and healthy appearance . And if in the past our beauty routine was made up of serums, single-dose or concentrated vials , today is the era of beauty ampoules.

The term wants to refer to the glass bottles , used in chemistry laboratories, containing specific and impact substances. The new beauty products in fact have few but more effective ingredients to intervene on specific problems …

Beauty ampoules, what they are and how they work

The term ampoule in the beauty world was, for the first time, borrowed from the chemical sector. These are those transparent glass containers , generally single-dose, with the classic swelling at the base and the dosing pipette. The trend was launched by Pantene with the Sos Shot kit for severely damaged hair and from there it was boom for the new beauty ritual .

The ampoules are really effective because they contain few active ingredients but more effective as more specific to solve a specific problem. The concept of minimalist inci is taken to the extreme with ampoules with fluid, light, milky contents and, in general, without perfumes.

With the dosing pipette, they are applied directly on the part, for example on the face or hair (as in the case of Pantene’s Sos Shot ), and the result will be immediate! In addition, to have a complete treatment just mix more ampoules by themselves, paying attention to the doses to avoid waste. And not only that, they can also be added to our favorite day or night cream and carefully spread on the skin for an even more incisive effect!

The best ampoules to choose from

In addition to the previously mentioned Sos Shot by Pantene , regenerating and restorative for hair, there are other beauty ampoules that are worth trying. First and foremost , that of Biopoint , the No Rinse Ampoules kit for shine , specific for hydrating and repairing damaged hair.

Recommended for the face, the Vichy anti-aging ampoules , Lift Active Specialist , based on vitamin C, fill wrinkles illuminating the skin. Finally, designed for a short but intense treatment, there are the L’Oreal Revitalift Filler kits. They are 7 ampoules to be used for 7 days based on hyaluronic acid, a true ally to take care of our skin !

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