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Let’s find out together which are the beauty products you must have in your bag in case of emergency…

You might have messy hair, your make-up might be smudged or your feet can hurt because of blisters. These are just some of the reasons why it is very important to always bring with you some must-have beauty products that can save us in situations like these. From the brush to the make-up to band-aids, here are the beauty products you must always carry with you!

Tha must-have products to carry in your bag

-Band aids. Maybe you need to spend the whole day outside, or you are wearing new shoes. If our feet start hurt because of a blister, that is really the end. It is always better to have band aids with you!

-Hair brush. If wind makes your hair messy, a hair brush can definitely save you. In order not to carry a big one, buy a mini brush, perfect for your bag!

Beauty emergency: the products you must always have in your bag
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-Make-up. Lipstick, mascara, pencil, foundation: you need to bring with you all the products you use at home! Especially if you have to spend all day outside. They can always be very useful.

-Hand sanitizer. It is always better to sanitize your hands, especially if you spend a lot of time on public transport…

-Mirror. How can we redo our make-up or brush our hair without a mirror? Fortunately, there are bag-size ones…

-Scent. You can make your perfume last throughout the day, but it is always better to take the bottle with you!

-Lipbalm. If the temperatures are low, and you have to spend a lot of time out of your house, your lips may be affected and get dry. The balm helps to hydrate and protect them from the cold!

-Deodorant. Due to an unpleasant smell, you want to wash yourself: that is why deodorant should always be in your bag!

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