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Beauty routine: is cleansing milk fundamental?

It cleanses your face and purifies your skin: here everything about cleansing milk and why it could be important in your beauty routine!

We find it everywhere, but we don’t really know how to use it in our beauty routine. We already use face creams, toners and gels, it looks like we can do without cleansing milk. But is it really so?

Actually, this product is very important to cure our skin: this is why you should start using it every day. Find out what it is, how and when to use it!

What is cleansing milk?

Before learning how and when to use it, let’s find out what this product actually is. It is a gentle liquid cosmetic, perfect to cleanse your face and purify your skin. You should use both in the morning and at night.

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It is useful to remove makeup residues, but it does not replace makeup removers. You should use it after this product, in order to perfectly clean your face from all the makeup.

Moreover, cleansing milk does not dry your skin, because it is rich in nutrients, hydrating and soothing substances which can give your face light and softness.

When and how to apply cleansing milk?

As we just mentioned, you should use this beauty product twice a day. The most frequent question is: “Does it need rinsing or not?”. Yes, you should rinse it, so you can apply the toner, another fundamental cosmetic for our skincare. You can also remove the residues with a cotton ball. However, some cleaning milks do not need rinsing.

In order to apply it, we can use it your fingertips or a cotton ball. Apply it with round movements on all your face. Of course, do not apply it directly on your eyes, because it can inflame them.

With cleansing milk, your skin health will definitely improve!

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