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Beauty routine: why it is important to use a horsehair mitt

Beauty routine: why it is important to use a horsehair mitt

Horsehair mitts eliminate dead cells and help removing cellulite: this is why it is important to have one of them at home!

There are many must-have beauty tools, but maybe we are not aware yet of some of them. In fact, the horsehair glove is one of the less known, even if it is very important. Is a great ally of our skin, since it provides numerous benefits. For example, one of the most important one is that this product is excellent against cellulite. But not only…

Let’s find out together what it is and how it works!

What horsehair mitts are and how they work

Let’s start from the beginning: this beauty product has this name because it was created for the first time with horsehair. Acutally, nowadays it is amde with synthetic fibers, although some companies are resorting to the old method. If it is natural, in addition to last more, it definitely brings more benefits to the skin. Horsehair mitts should be used under the shower, performing circular movements over the area you want to treat. Let’s find out more about its uses.

Beauty routine: why it is important to use a horsehair mitt

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Anti-cellulite. The horsehair mitt stimulates micro-circulation and, when associated with an anti-cellulite cream or some natural remedies to fight it, it can speed up the process.

Exfoliating. This beauty product helps to exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells. The treatment should be done once a week. You can do it both under the shower or not, it depends on how your skin reacts.

Eliminates ingrown hairs. The mitt also helps removing ingrown hairs or setting them free, even with a simple dry massage. In fact, it is recommended to use it after hair removal.

Horsehair mitts are not expensive and are a real panacea for your skin. Each of us should have them in your beauty case!

You can find wide selection of horsehair gloves on Amazon at very competitive prices.

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