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Becoming a vegetarian: everything you need to know to embrace this diet


Becoming a vegetarian is an increasingly popular choice. Let’s find out what are the steps to take to move in the correct way.

More and more people choose to approach vegetarian diets every day. A way to be good for animals but also to eat healthier by avoiding antibiotics and other products often found in meat. Becoming a vegetarian is a lifestyle choice that completely changes your diet and therefore it is important to approach the right way right away. So let’s find out what are the salient points to know and how to move step by step so as not to make mistakes from a nutritional point of view.

How to become a vegetarian and stay healthy

Choosing the path of becoming a vegetarian is a path that must be faced in the right way and all in order to stay healthy and not find yourself eating unbalanced or with nutritional deficiencies that can become dangerous in the long run.

Being vegetarian, in fact, means eliminating all types of meat (including fish) and limiting oneself to derivatives such as dairy products and eggs. The rest of the diet is mostly based on legumes, cereals (preferably wholemeal), fruits, vegetables, seeds and soy .


In order to proceed as correctly as possible, especially if you suddenly feel weaker by changing your way of eating, it is always good to be followed by a nutritionist at least for the first time. In this way you will get a food plan that you can follow and understand in order to modify it over time.

Some rules to start the vegetarian diet correctly

To be sure you are eating correctly, it is important to carefully choose the foods you consume every day. In this sense it is important to vary and always choose to insert as many categories as possible. Legumes and oil seeds , for example, should never be missing. And with them not even soy, dairy products and eggs. It is also good to increase plant-based foods that contain proteins, calcium and iron in order to avoid possible deficiencies.

At least for the first time it can be useful to take a blood test every now and then to check the values ​​and make sure that everything is going in the best way. In this way, following a vegetarian diet will undoubtedly be easier.

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