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Becoming vegan: how to do it in a simple, healthy way and without too much effort

Going vegan is an increasingly common choice. Let’s find out how to do it correctly and what steps to follow to do it in a short time.

Becoming vegan is a real life choice. In fact, it is a question of forever excluding animal proteins from one’s diet, embracing what, in addition to a way of eating, is also a lifestyle. Becoming vegan, in fact, also involves the choice not to wear animal skins, to avoid beauty products that have been tested on animals and to live every aspect of everyday life so as not to burden animals in general.

How to become vegan in a simple way: the rules to follow

To become vegan it is important to understand that in addition to meat and fish, derivatives will also be eliminated forever.

Vegan food boule
Vegan food boule

Therefore, milk, eggs, honey and all those foods that are obtained from the exploitation of animals will also be excluded from the diet. It is therefore a question of starting to eat in a decidedly different way. And this, at least at the beginning, can involve some difficulties.

The advice from those who have already made this change is in fact to gradually approach this new lifestyle, perhaps starting to eat vegan only twice a week and gradually increasing this food plan. By doing so you will also be able to understand if it is a feasible choice or not.

What you eat on a typical vegan day: the example menu

But let’s go to the focal point of becoming vegan and that is what to eat daily:

  • To give an idea of ​​a typical day, for breakfast you can eat sugar-free soy milk with vegan biscuits and therefore without eggs, milk, butter or honey.
  • At the main meals you can eat pasta with tofu sauce or a vegetable and legume salad or, again, seitan to accompany a vegetable side dish.
  • Snacks can be based on fresh or dried fruit.

Around it is increasingly easy to find foods suitable for vegans and now there are also restaurants that cook menus specifically without meat or derivatives. However, it is good to remember that if you choose to follow this path it is important to be followed by a nutritionist at least for the first time. This will serve to avoid the possible deficiencies that could come into play with the wrong combinations, compromising health. A trick that must be followed for both the vegan and vegetarian diets.

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