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Beer, a box can become an excellent gift idea


Do you want to give yourself a special gift or do you want to equip your home with a supply of beers worthy of the best bar in the city?

Then on the web there are numerous solutions in this sense, even if first of all it is essential to discover the most famous beers all over the world.

Not only for itself, since often and willingly knowing how to evaluate a beer and being able to choose the best one based on certain requests and characteristics is definitely useful. Try to think of those cases in which you want to make a decidedly original gift: a nice box with some particular beers, but quality is certainly a gift always well accepted, at least by those who love this drink.

In this sense, one of the best platforms is , which offers its customers a wide choice of caskets that contain both traditional beers and other slightly more refined types, such as the “ Birre del world “, which brings together 11 different types of beers that, with a few sips, will allow you to take a trip around the world without having to move from home, simply closing your eyes and letting the palate act as a link between beer and your brain.

Beer, this is what affects the choice of yeasts

The first necessary step to consider and then come across the comparison between the various styles, is that relating to an in- depth study on yeasts . According to the type of beer that you intend to obtain, in fact, various categories of yeast are used and are key aspects during the production process of this drink. There are highly fermented yeasts, which end up close to the surface, and low fermentation ones, which are more towards the bottom.

Even in taste, apparently, highly fermented yeasts are able to have an influence that can be more or less marked. In fact, this type of yeast releases spicy and fruity notes. Instead, low fermentation yeasts are characterized by a much slower metabolism, having both flavors and aromas much more linear and clean.


Three blonde beers to try

Let’s try to analyze, maybe even taking a look based on the type of yeast related, to three blonde beers, namely Miss P, Strike and Dritta . The latter is nothing but a Pale Ale : it is a beer that has a typically Anglo-Saxon derivation, which is characterized by the use of highly fermented yeasts during the production phase. Among its main features we certainly find a high degree of versatility and the fact of adapting to various palates, with a typically bitter aftertaste.

Miss P is part of the Pilsner universe, a particular type of light beer that comes from Plzen, in the Czech Republic. Among its peculiarities there is the use of yeasts that have a reduced fermentation. The production of this beer is very interesting and the end result is a very tasty and pleasant beer to drink, but which has elegant and, at the same time, very subtle notes.

Finally, the Strike : it is an India Pale Ale , or a high fermentation beer that follows the English tradition, but which is actually linked to the large consumption that was made in India, always by the British. It is characterized by a more marked use of hops, which guaranteed not only a bitter aftertaste but also a protective action with respect to very long journeys.

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