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Bees: why we need them to survive

Bees: why we need them to survive

Science proved our life depends on bees. If these insects diappeared from the Eart, we would survive just a few years more. Here’s why!

There are some fundamental scientific reasons why men could never live without bees. Albert Einstein said: “When these insects will disappear, mankind would just survive for four years”. This means that links our life with that of these little insects. Let’s see together why!

Bees: essential animals for our survival

If these insects died out, mankind would have just a few years of life. It would be a huge ecological disaster, almost like the one that happened during the ice age. Therefore, it is necessary to safeguard their life.

– These insects allows us to breathe. Moreover, they are responsible of the photosynthesis, thanks to which plants release oxygen during the day and carbon dioxide at night.

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– Bees are also responsible of the pollination of almost 100 types of plants, among which there are different species of fruit and vegetables. Thanks to them, we can feed with most natural products possible, which are healthier. In China, where bees have almost already died out, men are responsible of plant pollination.

– Thanks to them, we have medicines. Many drugs are produced by using some plants’ flowers and fruits, which bees usually pollinate. Almost the 25% of medicines come from vegetals. Moreover, these insects produce honey, fundamental to sweeten our foods and create natural antibiotics.

– Finally, these insects are very sensitive to the chemicals in the air. When the air is too polluted, they die; therefore, we already know that a Country without bees is a polluted one.

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