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Belgian pan-fried salad, an unusual side dish

Belgian salad in a pan

The recipe for the Belgian pan-fried salad, a winter flavor on your plate in a few simple steps to be discovered.

When the air gets cold and winter peeps out, radicchio and endives arrive in our shops. This is the best time to make cooked Belgian salad. This type of vegetables with their bitter aftertaste are an interesting ingredient for light, light and tasty recipes, such as sautéed or grilled Belgian endive. To serve stewed Belgian endive as a side dish, you need very few ingredients . In particular, it is important to have an excellent extra virgin olive oil to maximize the flavor of this tasty side dish.

It is excellent served with meat main courses , or as a small aperitif to accompany other grilled vegetables. It is also excellent served with a steaming polenta taragna . The bitter taste also goes well with fresh or aged cheeses.

Let’s see how to cook Belgian salad in a pan in just a few steps with Primo Chef’s quick and easy recipe.

Belgian salad in a pan
Belgian salad in a pan

Preparation of the Belgian salad in a pan

  1. Wash the Belgian salad under cold water. Remove any spoiled leaves that cover the first few layers of this vegetable.
  2. Divide each salad in two, cutting them lengthwise.
  3. Cut the onion into large slices , and distribute it in a pan previously sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil, and let it dry over low heat.
  4. When the onion has softened, place the endive in the pan and leave it to flavor with the onion for 5 minutes .
  5. Remove the onion (which can be served as a side dish, or blended to create a sauce for the meat), salt the endive, and raise the heat. Let it cook over high heat until it almost starts to caramelize.
  6. After 6-7 minutes the Belgian endive will take on a toasted appearance. Turn off the heat and serve seasoning to taste with a sprinkling of pepper.

Another dish to try, always with this vegetable, is the baked Belgian endive with ham !


Once cooked, the endive can be kept in the fridge for up to three days , closed in a clean and airtight container. You can also freeze them for three months. To be able to eat them, just toss them in a pan, or preheat the oven to 180 ° C and let them heat for 10 minutes , taking care to turn them halfway through cooking.

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