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Belladonna, a plant with infinite beneficial effects: but watch out for contraindications

Belladonna flower

Atropa belladonna, a plant that takes its name from the myths of ancient Greece and that offers many beneficial effects: but one must be careful.

The Atropa belladonna , or more simply belladonna, is a plant that owes its name to Atropos, one of the three Moires of Greek mythology , the one in charge of cutting the thread of life. Belladonna was added in the Renaissance , in relation to the cosmetic properties of the plant.

Atropa is a herbaceous plant whose purple flowers turn into small, shiny black berries surrounded by a star-shaped calyx. This plant has several beneficial properties , but it is necessary to be careful: its incorrect use could cause serious side effects .

The properties of nightshade

The properties of nightshade are mainly due to three active ingredients: hyoscyamine , atropine and scopolamine . Each of these three substances acts on the nervous system and has different beneficial effects. The former mainly performs a stimulating action, the latter works as an anesthetic and the latter works as a sedative.

Belladonna berry
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In addition, Atropa has anti-flu and anti-inflammatory effects . In case of cooling diseases, it dilates the bronchi and helps the respiratory system . It is excellent for fighting the symptoms of fever and seasonal flu .

Its anti-inflammatory effects can be exploited in case of inflammation of the gums and pain in the teeth (against which clove essential oil is also excellent).

In addition, it is useful against intestinal disorders and helps support heart rate in case of low blood pressure. The pain-relieving effects are also important, especially in case of joint pain, headache or menstrual syndrome.

These are the most important of the many properties of nightshade, a plant that, if used in the most correct way, can undoubtedly offer many benefits.

How to use it safely

Belladonna has many beneficial properties but can also lead to various side effects . It is in fact a very complex plant to be used only following the advice of doctors and experts.

This remedy should be taken through drops, granules, or tablets : the consumption of the fresh plant, in particular of its berries, should be absolutely avoided . In fact, one would risk being poisoned even with serious consequences such as fainting or, in extreme cases, coma or death.

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