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Benefits of running, here’s how it can help the body

Running at dawn

As many people know, running is good for you and, according to various studies, allows you to extend your life. But the benefits of running are many more, let’s discover them together.

Running, like many other sports, offers many benefits and advantages to those who practice it. The best known are certainly the contribution to the health of the organism and the ability to lower cortisol levels . But the benefits of running don’t end there. In fact, this discipline, in addition to having positive effects on physical fitness, helps to cure imperfections and stress. Let’s try to better understand what are all the benefits of running and what is the best time to practice it.

The benefits of running on the body

Among the benefits of running we can certainly find the contributions that this brings to the body and the body. In the first place we can say that it prevents osteoporosis because, when we run, the bones undergo a stress caused by the weight gain they have to endure. However, if the training is structured correctly, the bones are able to adapt to the movement and become stronger. For this reason it is important to have good running technique and make adequate recoveries.

Running at dawn
Running at dawn

But the stimulus given by running also offers many benefits to the heart and circulatory system. In fact, running increases the heart rate because the heart has to pump more blood and maintain the rhythm given by the movement. Running therefore not only makes the heart stronger, but reduces its strain when active and at rest. In addition, a strong and trained heart also allows you to reduce blood pressure and the incidence of heart disease.

Benefits of running: cellulite, goodbye!

Although the benefits of running are only seen in the long run, it is important to know that by practicing this sport it is possible to increase lung capacity. This aspect is also useful for carrying out everyday activities more easily.

In any case, however, one of the fundamental benefits of running is certainly the increase in the speed of metabolism. In fact, even if everyone burns fat in a different way, running is a great way to stimulate the elimination of fat and therefore weight loss. In addition, running also helps lower cholesterol and blood sugars.

Some research has shown that running uphill or moderate intensity, helps to counteract the cholesterol bad (LDL) and increases the good cholesterol (HDL). As for sugar, we can say that during running the muscles need energy to cope with the effort and glucose is normally used. Precisely for this reason, among the benefits of running we can also find the lowering of blood sugar levels.

Finally, we can say that running is very useful in combating cellulite and other imperfections, this is because movement helps to firm the tissues and facilitates the elimination of accumulated liquids.

Running advice and contraindications

To be able to get good results with running, as with any other physical activity, it takes some time . However, this does not mean that it is not effective, quite the contrary. In any case, if you want to maximize the benefits of running, it is advisable to rely on professionals or follow some precautions.

First of all it is essential not to run fasting, as the body would suffer severely . It is also good practice to run early in the morning or, alternatively, at cool times, in order to avoid excessive fatigue that would be counterproductive.

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