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Benefits of wine and apple vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

Both wine vinegar and apple vinegar are excellent allies of the body and represent precious ingredients in the dressing and in the preparation of many dishes.

Full of taste, irreplaceable and greedy, both have strong properties that make them formidable for maintaining our daily well-being.

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But what is the difference between wine vinegar and apple vinegar?

Essentially very minimal, apple cider vinegar develops less acetic acid and therefore contains some more residual sugar, but basically the two vinegars are comparable.

Let’s see in detail how to use wine vinegar and apple vinegar starting from the characteristics that distinguish them and define their affinities and differences.

Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar

Wine vinegar

Wine vinegar, an aromatic ingredient obtained from the fermentation of wine, is undoubtedly interpreted as the most classic of vinegars.

It is a real cure-all for our body, it helps relieve sore throats, improve allergies, disinfect the oral cavity and alleviate stomach pain.

Wine vinegar is also excellent as a disinfectant, it can be used as a household cleaner ensuring maximum hygiene and naturalness and is an amazing ingredient in beauty treatments: it counteracts acne by deeply cleaning the pores of the skin, polishes the hair if used before rinsing and has an extraordinary toning power on the epidermis.

In addition to this, it removes limescale stains from taps and sinks, removes grease from pots and ovens, makes the crystal shine, is perfect for sanitizing carpets and rugs and lends itself to getting rid of bad smells.

All with the utmost respect for the environment, without chemical additives and in a decidedly sustainable and green approach to cleaning.

Apple cider vinegar

An excellent ally in the natural and daily care of our body, apple cider vinegar, produced from cider or apple must, offers a valid help in slimming diets and has marked beneficial, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties.

The organic acid present in apple cider vinegar is able to dissolve lactic acid, helps to reduce the sense of fatigue during sports and, thanks to the malic acid it contains, helps to keep joint pain under control and actively counteract the formation of stones.

Like wine vinegar, it has disinfectant power and helps relieve throat burning and colds, sanitizing the throat and palate.

It is also great for oily hair.

Just dilute small quantities in a little warm water to obtain a natural conditioner of maximum effectiveness against oily scalp and brittle hair or with dandruff.

Furthermore, apple cider vinegar is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially potassium.

If used regularly in the daily diet, it has a diuretic effect and helps to burn excess fat.

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