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Bergamot essence: an antibacterial friend of good humor


Derived from the fruit of the Citrus bergamia, the essential oil of bergamot enjoys numerous beneficial properties. Let’s find out.

Bergamot essential oil is an essence that is obtained through the fruits of Citrus bergamia . The origin of this plant is doubtful. Some attribute its discovery to Christopher Columbus, who would have imported the plant from the Canary Islands, others are convinced that it comes from China, others still from Greece. This fruit of mysterious origin belongs to the class of citrus fruits and, according to some botanical scholars, it originated from a genetic mutation . Most likely occurred in a species of lemon or orange.

The production of essential oil is one of the main reasons behind the cultivation of bergamot, which grows in a very limited area : most of the plants are located in the Italian province of Reggio Calabria.

The properties of bergamot essential oil

Bergamot essential oil is a highly appreciated natural remedy and rich in beneficial properties.

First of all, it is an excellent antibacterial and disinfectant . For this reason, it is able to treat halitosis and infections of the oral cavity, urinary infections or in the genital areas and intestinal parasites.

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The action on the intestine helps to reduce intestinal problems such as meteorism. In addition, it improves digestion and, at the same time, also appetite.

In addition, it is able to act on the nervous system . This has two very important effects. The first is the calming and relaxing one , which helps fight sleep disturbances. The second is anti-stress and anti- depressant : it helps to get rid of anxieties and fears and promotes good mood.

Uses and contraindications

There are several ways to use bergamot essential oil. It is possible to take it orally against intestinal infections . However, it is good to remember that these types of essences must be diluted before being ingested. The advice is to insert a couple of drops in a teaspoon containing olive oil, honey or sugar.

To combat infections of the oral cavity , just rinse or gargle with water, ideally at room temperature, containing drops of essence. The appropriate dose may vary but, in general, it is recommended to insert two or three drops for every 100ml of water.

In case of urinary tract or genital area infections , it is possible to bathe in water containing essential oil. Instead, against stress and anxiety , it is considered appropriate to take the essence by air , through an aroma diffuser.

By using bergamot essential oil in an appropriate manner, no side effects should occur. However, some precautions should be taken. First, it is not recommended to give it to children and pregnant women . In addition, it is good not to expose it directly to sunlight: it could have toxic effects . In conclusion, it is best to always consult an expert before using the essence for the first time.

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