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Best fat burner: buying guide

Spirulina algae

Losing weight healthily and maintaining results is a real challenge. Temptations are everywhere and you don’t always have time to devote yourself to preparing healthy meals and physical activity.

Losing weight healthily and maintaining results is a real challenge. Temptations are everywhere and you don’t always have time to devote yourself to preparing healthy meals and physical activity.

A good help can come from fat burners, excellent allies in weight loss. In this article, you will understand what they are, how to take them and how they work. I will propose you a ranking of the best, so that you can choose the one that suits you.

What are fat burners and how do they work?

Spirulina algae
Spirulina algae

These are readily available food supplements that, if taken correctly during the day, can promote weight loss. When combined with a healthy life , a controlled diet and physical activity, a good fat-burning dietary supplement can be the definitive solution to your fight against excess pounds: you will say enough yo yo effect, temptations or excessive expenses for products that promise results that then do not arrive.

Fat burners combine the action of different natural ingredients that benefit the body, allow fats and carbohydrates to be metabolized, giving more energy to the body, and cause thermogenesis: among these I name green tea, caffeine, pepper black and spirulina.

Some act directly on the stomach, creating a gelatinous substance that anticipates the sense of satiety. Others increase the heart rate and, consequently, thermogenesis, leading the body to burn residues of fat and adipose tissue . Some fat burning supplements are high in fiber and allow for better evacuation. Finally, others relax by blocking the sense of nervous hunger.

Are Fat Burners Safe?

They are food supplements that can be purchased without a prescription. However, it is good to consider some factors before proceeding with the purchase: the active ingredients of fat burners are often responsible for an increase in blood pressure, hypertension, thyroid imbalances, digestive problems, kidney, liver and sense of tremor .

If these symptoms appear, it is advisable to stop taking it and seek medical attention .

Those who are more prone to problems of this type, such as diabetics, people suffering from kidney disorders, hepatitis, high blood pressure and thyroid problems, should evaluate very well with an expert.

It is also good that some categories of people do not take fat-burning supplements: pregnant women, children, people undergoing chemotherapy or drugs that could be compromised by supplements to lose weight.

For the rest, healthy individuals can rest easy and take the right amounts of supplement. Read the package leaflets carefully , do not overdo the doses and listen to your body in case of unwanted reactions.

What precautions should I take while taking a fat burner?

You must ask yourself if you really need to lose pounds : those who do not need this change can find themselves with digestive disorders and a sense of weakness.

Check that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients contained in the supplement. Most manufacturers avoid including lactose, dried fruit residues, animals, glutamate or gluten in their recipes, but it is always better to investigate.

Are Fat Burners Really Effective?

Fat burners bring benefits to the body only if taken in the right doses and if accompanied by a healthy lifestyle, movement and proper nutrition. Otherwise, the risk is to nullify the positive effects on the body.

Anyone who has consumed a quality one admits that they have lost pounds and feel more energetic. Many consumers feel they can recommend their favorite brand of supplement to others who need it.

How to take a fat burner to get the most out of it?

A supplement should be taken according to the doses indicated on the package or by your nutritionist. Usually the recommended daily dose does not exceed two or three capsules.

There are also supplements sold in delicious bars, drinks, powders or even oils. It is up to the consumer to understand which is the most suitable and convenient way of taking them.

What is the best fat burner?

This paragraph is intended as a guide to buying the best fat burners on the market.

The best varies according to the needs , age, sex and life of each consumer. Before buying a fat burner, therefore, it is good to collect a lot of information on the production methods, the ingredients, the beneficial effects, the way of intake and the results that that product has had on other consumers.

Make sure that the ingredients are natural, know where they come from and if they are produced according to high quality standards, check that the doses are not excessive, that the packaging is practical and easily resealable and, lastly, evaluate which price falls within your budget.

Below you will find three products that can be considered the best on the market .

Zotrim: the 100% vegetable supplement

Zotrim is an excellent ally for your battle against fat: its formula not only accelerates the metabolism to counteract the absorption of fatty acids, but also limits the sense of appetite , preventing the consumer from snacking or eating too large.

The package contains 180 capsules. It is recommended to take two daily doses before main meals. The cost of a pack is around 65 euros.

Those who have tried it confirm a significant weight loss in a few weeks and an increase in vitality : people feel more active, move more and reduce extra pounds.

Garcinia Cambogia: the fat burner from India

This product is the best-selling among fat burners: it contains Garcinia Gambodia, an Asian fruit which, thanks to its beneficial properties, regulates the presence of sugar and cholesterol in the blood. Not only that: some studies have shown that this fruit is able to oxidize fat stores before they are deposited on the body.

It has excellent diuretic effects and is contained in various fat burners.

Spirulina: more energy and fewer pounds

Spirulina algae is a superfood that contains proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements even in small doses of products. Spirulina-based supplements are usually great for those looking for energy , but also significant body weight loss that the diet does not allow.

Spirulina algae is a 100% natural ingredient, free from side effects and very effective. When swallowed with a lot of water, it creates a gelatinous layer in the stomach which suppresses appetite . The results are visible in a short time with just two tablets a day.

Four bottles are sold at the advantageous price of 49 euros.


Don’t rely on products that promise fast and easy weight loss, because they won’t satisfy you. Instead, aim for a natural , certified and clinically tested product to accompany a healthy life and a balanced diet.

Weight is not lost with a miracle, but with the right ally and consistency.

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