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Best hair dryers: guide to choosing

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It is one of the great protagonists of the beauty routine of women and men.

One of those small appliances that never fail in the house and that take care of our hair. Let’s talk about the hairdryer , the most common hairdryer that, especially in winter, helps to dry the hair quickly and easily.

But when buying how to choose the best hairdryer for your needs ? Today there are several models on the market, all cutting edge but with different characteristics and functions. If it was once difficult to have a professional hair dryer at home, today it is no longer so.

Hair styling companies continually churn out new ones, but in choosing the model to appear it is essential to think first of all about the well-being of the hair and how to protect it from excessive heat. Then of course there are also other needs such as the type of desired performance and the power of the beauty device.

To resolve doubts and uncertainties about the most suitable model, here is a simple and effective purchase guide to choose the best hairdryer according to your needs.

Hair well-being, adequate technology

Respecting and protecting the well-being of the hair is fundamental. It is essential to do this even when you are dedicated to drying your hair. The well-being of the hair therefore cannot certainly be neglected in the choice of a new device. The hair dryer is a tool that comes into contact with hair very often, whether it is short or long, straight or curly. And precisely the strong and compact jet of heat that comes out of the hair dryer is one of the worst enemies for the health of the scalp and hair itself, especially in lengths.

Just to avoid incurring such problems, today technology comes to our aid thanks to modern and efficient models of hair dryers that try to limit, as much as possible, the harmful effect of the device. Thanks to ion technology , hair dryers avoid frizz and give shine and softness to the hair.

How? Thanks to the internal mechanism that emits negative ions that come into contact with the water present in the hair and break its molecules. So we proceed to a faster drying without totally eliminating the humidity . In this way the hair remains soft and hydrated. The ions also make the hair shinier and avoid the annoying electrostatic effect.

Hair wellness, the best materials

To protect hair health, cutting-edge ion technology is not enough. In fact, several beauty portals also explain it, such as . It is essential to choose a hairdryer that is made with the right materials . Their presence in the structure of the beauty device greatly affects the drying of the skin and hair and therefore on the final result of the crease.

Tourmaline and ceramic are undoubtedly two of the best coatings that can be found today on the hair dryers, in particular on the grill located at the end from which the heat jet starts. These materials do nothing but filter the hot air that starts from the engine, thus returning a less harmful heat to the hair.

Tourmaline and ceramic are a perfect combination to limit hair damage. On the one hand, in fact, the ceramic keeps the temperature of the heat constant and distributes it evenly on the crown. In this way, the hair does not undergo the aggressive effect of hot air, it is less brittle and prevents the onset of frizz. On the other then the tourmaline which emit a high amount of negative ions which not only allow the hair to dry faster but also makes them shiny and shiny .

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Hair dryer performance, power and functions

In addition to the technical and structural characteristics that aim to preserve the beauty of the hair, when choosing a good hairdryer, other characteristics of the instrument must also be considered. These include the power of the hairdryer and some specific functions . Analyzing these peculiarities it will be easier to understand which model is best suited to your needs.

Among the functions that a hairdryer can offer we find that of selecting the temperature and speed , the possibility of setting the cold air blow and other extras such as automatic temperature regulation .

The latter is one of those goodies that occurs in the most sophisticated hair dryer models. Allows you to dry your hair with a jet of hot air that maintains a constant temperature. In this way the canopy is not damaged because there are no changes in degrees. Other peculiarities then consist in the presence of an LCD display that allows you to manually view and set all the specific functions of the beauty device.

Temperature and speed selection are two highly sought after functions in the latest generation of hair dryers. Selecting the degree of heat of the hair dryer is essential because this must vary according to the type of hair on which you are going to blow-dry. On the very thin and ruined ones the jets of too hot air are absolutely not recommended, indispensable instead for modeling the thicker and thicker foliage. Usually there are three levels of heat from which you can choose which reach four in highly professional models.

Then you associate the selection of the speed with which the air is delivered by the instrument. A function that allows you to moderate or increase the air flow according to the fold you want to achieve. The faster jet allows you to better fix some hairstyles and to model more specifically the hair that is thicker and therefore more difficult to regulate.

Finally, not least, the power . This factor on which all the functions of the hairdryer depend , its performance and the physical duration of the appliance. The greater the power of the hairdryer, the faster and more powerful the device will be. What does this mean in practice? That with a higher power the performances listed so far become better at the price, however, of greater energy consumption.

For those with long, thick and abundant hair, a hairdryer with a high wattage is essential, thanks to which drying times are significantly reduced . The same thing also applies to those who love to make precise creases and hairstyles. For thin and less thick hair, needless to specify, that all this is not necessary.

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