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Beyond filters and dress codes: the rebellious and independent bourgeois in Max Mara spring-summer 2022

Elegant pret a porter look

She does not want ready-made rules and dress codes: the Max Mara woman lives summer 2022 like a rebel bourgeois.

Think of those girls who are not yet women in French films, in a torrid summer suspended between boredom and revelations, an existential archetype in perfect harmony with the protagonist of Bonjour Tristesse , the literary masterpiece written by Françoise Sagan. The new woman brand of Max Mara is inspired by this woman, who brings that rebellious air also in her collection, revisiting the manufacture and the matches of her classic garments in an alternative reading.

Undoubtedly thanks to the post-pandemic, if we have seen most of the designers rely on hope and dreams, the Max Mara spring / summer 2022 collection aims to be the mirror of reality: more than brightness, dream, sparkle, there is a dynamic ordinariness, that of an emancipated, independent woman, ready to reinvent herself after seeing her daily life upset.

Max Mara: the spring / summer 2022 collection presented at Milan Fashion Week

The brand, which has always been synonymous with pret a porter elegance characterized by iconic garments such as tailored suits and the timeless trench coat, this time upsets its shapes. Always faithful to her basic and neutral palette – beige, white, mud – it is her conventional style that rediscovers a new key: the bourgeois chooses to change her priorities, rebel against the status quo, abandon herself to her creativity. An operation that Max Mara reproduces in sartorial language: the models parade, disengaged, elegant but without worrying too much about the prevailing dress code.

The world has gone through an upheaval that has impacted all of our lives. We are emerging from that trauma determined to be ourselves, to set our own rules, to explore our style . We like to set our goals and make plans; in the case of 17-year-old Sagan, writing a novel took priority over studying for exams. I think we will see more and more of this type of independent spirit which will lead to a flowering of creativity. “, This is how creative director Ian Griffiths summarized the spirit of the spring / summer collection .

Beyond workwear: the rebellious and unconventional key looks for next summer

The key looks to steal for next summer 2022 at the Max Mara spring / summer 2022 fashion show are those that perhaps you would never expect from her style, ready to consolidate trends that we have already seen on the horizon in the summer just passed. Let’s start with the blazer, for example, to show off in the summer as a cardigan, in a more pret a porter and rebellious – or sexy – version with a simple bandeau top . Thus the classic Max Mara women’s suits are ready to subvert and convert.

Less structured jackets, classic suede sandals to wear under elegant suits, and the rediscovery of denim worn in a total look, in an unexpected and daring elegance is the most rebellious look of all, from the denim jacket to its variation in oversize coat. The fluid and elegant basketball tank top in combination with the sporty skirt to be worn just above the knees will be the new casual summer look for free time, with hair strictly gathered in a headband , like a rebellious girl.

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