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Bicarbonate face scrub: what it is for and how to make it at home


The baking soda face scrub is a simple and inexpensive way to take care of your skin. Let’s find out how to prepare it.

The bicarbonate scrub is one of the natural remedies to take care of the skin . It is in fact a way to keep it clean and disinfected and therefore away from impurities that can give rise to blackheads or blemishes of various kinds. In addition, it is an inexpensive and very simple home remedy to make. Let’s find out how it is prepared and how to apply it.

Do-it-yourself face scrub with baking soda: the benefits


When you have skin problems, one of the healthiest ways to deal with them is to do a scrub. In this way, dead cells are eliminated and the skin is cleaned and breathed at the same time.

Among the many ingredients available, bicarbonate is one of the best as well as one of the most popular. Delicate enough thanks to its fine grain, it allows to obtain a scrub able to stress the skin without scratching it. In addition, it is possible to carry out a bicarbonate peeling, capable of eliminating dead cells and renewing the skin and all in a single step.

How to apply the baking soda scrub

In general, different types of bicarbonate scrubs can be made. The simplest involves mixing this ingredient with a little water in order to obtain a fairly thick dough. This can then be massaged onto the face. After letting it act for a few moments, you can rinse with warm water. However, the bicarbonate scrub can also be made with other ingredients. Some examples are:

– Baking soda and yogurt to moisturize the skin
– Bicarbonate and lemon for a disinfectant effect
– Bicarbonate and chamomile to stretch the skin before going to sleep

What matters is to always use bicarbonate as an “aggressive” part, that is, able to obtain the famous scrub effect, and mix it with the other ingredients mentioned above. This will help cleanse the skin thoroughly and get rid of blackheads . In this way, in fact, it will be possible to obtain an optimal result by spending the minimum and using natural and easy to find products, both at home and when shopping .

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