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Bikram yoga: how to practice it and what are the benefits

woman doing yoga

Bikram Yoga is a variant of yoga that works a lot on posture, bringing benefits to the whole body: let’s find out how it works.

Bikram Yoga is a discipline that takes its name from its creator Bikram Choundhury. Well- known yoga teacher, Birkram personally experienced the many benefits from an early age, then devising a variant specifically designed to work on the body in order to improve its general health . It is therefore a discipline that, in addition to relaxing, also aims to improve the state of health.

How Bikram yoga works

First of all it must be said that this discipline should not be confused with hot yoga , with which it has several similarities. Also in this case, in fact, you train in the presence of relaxing music for about 90 minutes and in a warm environment.
That said, the similarities between the two disciplines end there.

woman doing yoga
woman doing yoga

Bikram yoga aims to strengthen the spine through 26 positions that involve the whole body and to which are added some breathing exercises mixed with pauses to stretch the muscles. The ultimate goal is to achieve a balance that improves the efficiency of all organs. This is achieved thanks to the intense activity that leads to sweating a lot, which is why it is always recommended to carry towels and water to stay hydrated.

Bikram yoga: the benefits

Practicing Bikram yoga brings a whole series of benefits both from a physical and mental point of view. In fact, most positions require such concentration to allow you to forget at least for a while the many thoughts that haunt the mind every day. To this are added other benefits among which the most important are:

– Sense of deep relaxation
– Improvement of posture
– Stronger muscles
– Better circulation
– Peace of mind
– Better balance
– Detox effect thanks to sweat
Physical stamina
– Improvement of sports performance

Although it is accessible to everyone and at all ages, in case of particular health problems such as heart, circulatory or pressure problems, before practicing it it is advisable to ask your doctor for an opinion.

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