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Birth simulator for men: what it is and how it works

man electrodes

For those who still do not know, even for men it is possible to try, albeit in broad terms, the experience of childbirth. And all thanks to the birth simulator for men.

The birth simulator for men is an invention that arrived in 2018 and which also allows men to experience the pains of childbirth.
It is an innovative technique that allows you to experience some of the typical pains of this moment that very often the man lives next to his partner without however understanding the extent.
To this end, a childbirth pain simulator for men was created, specifically designed to help understand part of the pains experienced by women during labor and childbirth.

Pain simulator: how it works

The birth simulator, also called pregnancy simulator for men, is a machine that through the use of some electrodes is able to simulate in the man or in anyone who decides to undergo them, pains very similar to those you have both during labor than during childbirth.

man electrodes
man electrodes

Certainly a painful experience and to which several men have undergone in recent years.
Generally a session lasts about 30 minutes , a much shorter time interval than that of a woman about to give birth but which for men who have experienced it seems to be more than enough. For those who wish it is also possible to undergo more sessions .

What is the birth simulator for men for?

Although at first it may seem like an invention for its own sake, the birth simulator has proved useful to make future fathers understand the pain felt by their partner during labor and childbirth. Those who have tried have in fact shown themselves to be more empathetic and ready to understand their partner. And this has certainly led to a strengthening of the couple’s relationship, especially in the delicate moments that precede the birth of a child.

It is an experience that more and more centers are offering. The first to do so was that of Bristrol who at a cost of 25 pounds per session offered this option to future fathers. Many of whom said they were happy to have understood what it means and to have been able to understand their partner better.

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