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Black lipstick: does it suit everyone?

Black lipstick: does it suit everyone?

From Rihanna to Ariana Grande, is black lipstick all the rage again? Here’s how to wear it: find out if it actually suits everyone!

This beauty product was all the rage in the 1980s. However, nowadays every makeup shop has it. Black lipstick is one of the most daring shades to wear.

This color is perfect with a dark makeup. Someone wants to dare and wear it, but does it really suit everyone? Let’s find out how to wear black lipstick without mistakes!

How to apply it?

Applying dark shaded lipsticks is not easy: that is why you need to follow some steps. Start with a lip scrub. After that, you need an opaque pencil of the same shade of your lipstick, which you will use to underline you lip contour.

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In order to better apply this product, you should use a little brush. In this way, you will obtain a perfect and homogeneous look, without smudges. If you want an elegant and daring look, do not apply too much eyeliner and pencil on your eyes.

Black lipstick: does it suit everyone?

Luckily, black is a color that suits everyone. This is also the case: black lipstick looks nice with every skin tone. Of course, you need to feel comfortable when wearing it, because this color does not pass unnoticed.

Especially if you have a light skin tone, your lips will be the protagonists not only of your makeup, but also of your look! It is very important to choose the right product texture. A matte lipstick is amazing for a more chic and refined look, instead a shiny one is better for more casual days.

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