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Black soap: why your skin is going to thank you if you start using it

Black soap: why your skin is going to thank you if you start using it

Black soap is a beauty product with thousands of benefits: it is a good ally to your skin health. Find out why!

We clean our face and body every day, but maybe we do not know which is our skin ideal friend. An excellent ally is black soap. It has many benefits for the body and lots of properties which nourish our skin.

Black soap is nothing more than a vegetable product rich in vitamins A, E, D, a great source of coconut oil and shea butter. It was born in Africa and is known as the Hamman black soap. This product is mainly made of olive oil. That is why its color changes according to the amount of oil used.

Find out all the benefits of black soap!

Black soap: its benefits

When we first buy black soap, we immediately notice that its consistency is similar to skin-exfoliating products. This type of soap is perfect to deeply clean your skin and to remove impurities. These are the main reason why everyone should keep a bar of black soap at home.

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Wet the soap with water and rub it on your skin, then gently massage the area. Let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse: you will see immediately the difference. Your skin will be softer, brighter and cleaner.

Thanks to its properties and antioxidants, the Hamman soap allows to lessen skin spots and blemishes. This natural product can also be used against acne.

Black soap costs from 10 to 15 euros and can be purchased either at the herbalist’s shop or online. On Amazon there is a wide selection of Soaps at very competitive prices. This beauty product is perfect to take care of your skin when you are 30 and older!

Black soap is also a perfect anti-dandruff product! Just apply it on the scalp before the shampoo and let it sit for a few minutes. The results will be immediately visible!

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